Ensnared Satyr Picture

A young satyr seduced by two elephantine vegetal entities of dubious motive. Perhaps he has strayed from his accustomed retinue of frenzied maidens in search of intenser pleasures...

This satyr's horns are un-flanged, nested within depressions in the skull. As a creature of dual nature, the membrane of his form is permeable through empathy or physical contact with others. We can see his reaching arm become liquescent and assume leaflike characteristics upon contact with the entity.

0.10 rapidograph on A4 bristol paper. The eventual frustration and sense of failure I had with this piece is manifested in the injudicious blast of red ink engulfing the haunches of the satyr, as if I am trying to symbolically burn him alive. This red can also be viewed a visual analogue of the passion erupting in this trio of elementals...
Pretty Muntjac Faun
Ensnared Satyr
Faun - normal light
Withering Green Man