Sileni: Echo Picture

Alright I know I said I wouldn't submit any art till I was finished with my Christmas projects...buuuuuuut, I couldn't resist. You also my notice the coloring on this is different(if you read my journal you would know I was changing my coloring "style") so yeah here we are.

This is my sileni, I've settled on calling him Echo. I'm planning on drawing some more sileni maybe two or three more...who knows but anyway, I like the coloring on this so much especially the skin tone *swoons* it came out so nice and shiney. Heres' the inked version if you'd like a look [link]

.... anyway hope you all like it and the new style....I also hope that I didn't upset too many people with my change in coloring style(not that I would care or take it in to consideration, ah hah hah)
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