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Toyotama-hime (meaning "luminous jewel"), also known as Otohime, is a goddess in Japanese mythology. She is the beautiful daughter of Ryujin (meaning "dragon god"), the god of the ocean. She married the hunter Hoori and gave birth to a son. Her grandson is said to be Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan. During the time when Otohime was giving birth to her child, she had Hoori swear not to attempt to see her real figure. But he broke his promise and discovered that her true form was a dragon.

Otohime appears in Urashima Taro, one of Japan's best known myths. Urashima Taro was a young fisherman who saved a small turtle from torture at the hands of a gang of children. It turned out that the turtle was Otohime. He was rewarded with a visit to Ryujin's palace under the sea. He spent 3 days at the palace with Otohime (who shapeshifted to human form). When it became time for the fisherman to return home, Otohime gave him a small box. She told him that the box will protect him but that he should never open it. When the fisherman returned to his village he realised that 300 years has passed. His family, friends and everyone he ever knew was gone. Desperate, he opened the box and instantly became an old man.

- It seems that Dragon Princess not Toyotama-hime, although Toyotama-hime is a dragon princess. Info transfered from Dragon Princess.


  • Best used in a Divina defense team.
  • In the "Sengoku Swimsuit Scene" Video, she is named as Otohime instead of The Princess.
  • She is tied with Tsukuyomi, Chiyome Mochizuki [Moon Viewing] with the highest defense in the game.
    • This means that she is tied with Tsukuyomi for the highest defense for a Divina card.
  • She currently has the highest stat total, with a 29700 stat total, surpassing Chiyome Mochizuki [Moon Viewing].
  • She and March Hare (Tanabata) are both first ranking event daemons that return as the lead bell summon daemons.


  • Main: "It's not so bad here on dry land."
  • Skill: "Does anyone want to come back to the Palace of the Dragon King?"
  • Winner of Write for Daemons in Swimsuits: "My cloth? You don't understand the fashion, do you?" Otohime, or what her servants call "The Princess", lives in the Dragon Palace under the sea where time flows much slower than on the earth. She loves to try on new clothes which may have some weird aspects in ordinary people's cognition. Although everyone has endeavoured to tell her that her clothes are too unique or indecent, she keeps telling that they are modern and everyone shouldn't leave themselves to be out of date.

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