Snow Yju Le opard Picture

Is a monk from Saray Absherion Who took the train West Ruislip to Castle Hill that's located near the ocean. Prophecy has came to the Pope Philip that the Red Sea Finger will return marking the end of the world. Pope John sends Snow to investigate and to do missions for Pope Philip.

Name:Snow Yju Le'opard
Bio: Was taken in by Pope John as a child, his mother died of illness. Since then he was taught in the ways of the Monk and magic. In this world Monks are like policemen, that serve and protect the people. The people give a tithing to the Pope to protect and lead them. Pope's pay the Monks for their service.

Snow had to take an oath of valor. His heart knows only virtue. His magic defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked. Also in the oath he has sworn a life of celibacy. Snow wears a pendent necklace of the church.
Race:3rd generation Snow leopard- His tail was chopped off as a child and his ears are small and remain hidden under his hair. He has tattoo looking markings on his shoulder and down his back of leopard markings. He keeps them hidden under his clothes.

Their Religion: In this world they pray to the Earth for guidance. The church is called Absherion they believe in all things that are natural. Anything unnatural they destroy. However 20 years ago a group called New World Order rose up and created new lifeforms. They destroyed this group and fought against the new outcasts of the world. However head Pope Joseph III gave orders not to destroy them in just they are committing crimes. He created the 56th article of common faith. "Do not harm these new beings that which we do not understand yet. They are innocent until guilty of a crime. Let no man harm the innocent, least ye be harmed."

Since then the church has been a bit split. Those who fight for the new life forms and those who want to stomp it out. It's the New Age fighting the Old Age of ways. The church still remains united, despite their differences in opinions.

The Red Sea Finger: A mythological creature that is said if it rises from the sea it will destroy the world and recreate it with new life forms.

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