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Tired. Blurgh.

* It's the return of Quakewoman's Quake shirt, which I imagine is one thing she'd wear when travelling the world with Blues.

* I really like ~TheKKM's redesign of Julie-Su--

* --and ~kureejiilea's redesigns of Mighty and Ray. Threw in StS!Amy next to Mighty to see how they'd look side-by-side; it was a fortunate coincidence that everyone here has some dark blue on them.

* I got a bit of flack for that outfit Rock's wearing, but I still like it even if I don't draw it much anymore.

* Bebop's design was based somewhat on Metal Sonic's (as I assume Bebop is a robot).

* I liked ~misfit2588's AU versions of Sally, Bunnie, et al. to take a shot at drawing them. (Should note that in the "Death of Sonic the Hedgehog"-verse, Sally has dark brown hair--and that I massively downsized everyone's busts...)

* Speaking of Sally, I tweaked an old attempted redesign to look halfway-presentable.

* StS!Blaze's mom, Ember, had a name for ages, but her old design could be summed up as "Blaze redeco". Then I saw *Cylent-Nite's headshots of Blaze's hypothetical parents and got permission to add bodies to 'em; Ember's outfit is based on a scrapped concept for Blaze (Rush? Secret Rings? Riders?), whereas Cinder is a walking shirtless scene.

* My Pre-Zero Gravity Riders!Blaze, conversely, is a walking pantsless scene.

* In keeping with my fondness for non-standard ships, I kinda like the idea of SatAM!Sonic/Bunnie. (Hilariously, I wasn't too fond of that pairing when it cropped up in the comic, mostly because "Antoine" and Sally suffered horrendous character derailment to facilitate it)

* Storm's jacket is in tatters and needs replacing, but he hangs onto it because the shredded look is badass.

* Archie's SA adaptation gave Tikal about three different designs over its course; I picked the "warrior" one and, since I couldn't tell what that dark splotch on her head was meant to be, gave her a tribal tattoo.

* One Old StS document listed Fiona's last name as Blackthorn (and amalgamated her with Foxy). An element taken from Sonic the Comic, or just a coincidence?

* I mostly bring that up because I drew Morain (whose last name is Blackthorn, I think) right next to her.

* You're looking rather off-model today, Eastwood.

* I find it interesting that most of the pre-ZG Riders!Blaze fan-designs retained a lot of elements from her normal outfit, as opposed to her official purple tracksuit.

* I also wish that Metal Sonic had gotten a Riders outfit something like that.

* *Cylent-Nite and I were discussing how Knux might play in a new Sonic game; I suggested Tomb Raider, we talked about Knux's alternate occupation as a treasure hunter, and it somehow led to ROUGE dressed as Lara Croft and not Knux. (I like me some guys in short-shorts, but I doubt Knux could pull off the teal tank top)

* Zodick was one of the more popular elements to come out of Illbleed, I think. In StS, he's a resident of one of Mobius's moons (with a native population based off of mythological, folklore, and fictional animals), and is something of a nuisance.

* Lothar temporarily joining the Nocturnus is something I doubt would ever happen in Exterminatus Now, especially since the references to locations and whatnot from Sonic have been minimized/dropped, but hey.

* The brim of Arpa's hat might not be low enough...

* These next four Mobians make up the four-person gang "Gods of Ice Age", a concept from Old StS; everyone's been overhauled (especially Cloud and Song, who were ripoffs of someone else's fan characters).

* Couldn't think of an outfit for Zieviel the Hare (originally a rabbit) and didn't want to give her a jacket like she originally wore, so she goes about shirtless. It took some thinking to make her ear shape distinct from a rabbit's.

* Naito the Mouse-Tailed Bat (originally a fruit bat/Rouge recolour) gained a "phases of the moon" motif, and her dark blue fur was changed to sea green to make her distinct from Nails. Her wings are based on those of the Yagyu Clan from Archie. Stupidly, I'd forgotten that bats lack underfur before colouring her in...maybe it's stylized guard hairs.

* Cloud the Lion (I'm not sure what his old species was) changed comparatively little. In Old StS he was brainwashed, presumably by the GoIA's leader; dunno yet if I'll keep that. (He also had a glowing tattoo on his arm that I think was given to all four members)

* Finally, Song the Pyrenean Ibex (originally some sort of goddess-person) wears a mask and is fashionably asymmetrical. She was based on an extinct animal in order to retain the otherwordly vibe her old design had.

* Speaking of old characters: William Kato is the younger brother of Mina Kato who, for one reason or another, ended up working with a hostile group (dunno if it was the Eggman Empire). Since I could only remember vague details about him and couldn't find any pictures (except maybe for one which made no explicit connection between him and Mina), a redesign and renaming was in order. Visually, William takes after his mom, and the colours of his stripes and gauntlets are inverted from Mina's. Unlike in Old StS where he was just another angry badass, New StS!William is scared out of his mind and desperately wants to reconcile with Mina.

* Upon seeing the Venezuelan Poodle Moth for the first time, I had to Mobian-ize it.

* Hell Amy and Zadow are hellhogs like Zodick; they remind me very heavily of that dark and edgy period in the late 90s and early 00s (but mostly of the first American McGee's Alice game).

* I liked ~ScourgEybOOm's takes on Anti-Rob (who died off-panel) and Anti-Silver (who I don't believe has been mentioned at all); also added their character Dani, and finished the page with Scourge (who in StS isn't a counterpart of Sonic...which will makes things confusing if the NFF ever go to Moebius).
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