Nyctalopia XIII : Hypnos Picture

Nyctalopia: is a condition making it difficult or impossible to see in relatively low light (Wikipedia)

WARNING: It's an OC!
Name: Hypnos
(Like the son of Nyx, goddess of the night in greek mythology)(Btw, Hypnos is the personification of sleep)

Reference: --> [link]

DETAILS: --> [link]

It's the main character of an imaginary ps3 game called Nyctalopia XIII. His name is Hypnos, like the son of Nyx, goddess of the night.

The goals were
"I want to make something serious"
"I want to make a realistic OC, something like a main character of a hypothetic Final Fantasy XV"
"I'll be patient and I'll make it as detailed as possible"
"....... and he's going to be a long haired bishie" xD
... seems like I have more patience than I expected!

Tools: Photoshop and tablet ^^

Time: 8h

Hope you like it!
Comments and critiques are VERY welcome !!!!
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Nyctalopia XIII : Hypnos
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