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He might look a bit evil......... but I recieved
I haven't decided on upbringings or anything, maybe he was an orphan or something, I don't know. but he eventually went into the feild of archeology and mythology on paranormal
creatures. While having a few incounters with the unknown, he was generally running out of funding. That's when he ran into the spirit of an ancient demon. The demon possesed him and was wrecking havoc on all the city... of... I don't know... something. One of the greatest technological minds decided to harness this power and built Azrael a suit to keep the demon in check and harness his power. The scientist just happened to be Brian Smith, Aka Razor; Magnet Man's Arch nemesis...

okay take a break...


it's a lot but bare with me...
Razor makes a deal with Azrael, stating that he would build Azrael this suit to control the demon as long as Azrael served him. However, after receiving his suit, Azrael betrayed Razor and used the suit for his own perposes. He's not necessarily an evil person, he just follows his own path... which is the constant persuit of the paranormal.

Now... on to the cool stuff.

Azrael's suit and the demon is the source of his powers. allong with flight and immense strength, Azrael has a transforming suit that is fueled by the demon. The suit can transform parts or all of itself to do different functions, such as creating a giant cannon on an arm, or... turning... to spider... legged thingy... I don't know. Theoretically, the suit could transform into anything, but Azrael is only used to a few useful functions. If Azrael uses too much of the demon's power at a given time, than the demon will awaken, causing him too take over the body from a half hour to several days. Big set back.

FULL VIEW PLEASE... some stuff is tiny and kinda hard to see.

tell me what you think about the story and the design... plz.
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