Adders Sum for the Devil's Arithmetic Picture

This is a story about the construction of religions and other addictions in the mind. There is no God, but God.



[1] Lethe is the name of a river in some Hell, but maybe not this one.
Forgetting is the first step of purification. I take my mythology
from Dante, here, and not the Greeks, because I believe that there
is only one river in Hell and that its water [3] is one's means to
salvation (paradoxically). Virgil, in the Aenid, I believe, is
mistaken in his interpretation of the symbol of Lethe. Rather than
having the imbibing of Lethe's enabling reincarnation, I maintain
that not drinking to forget damns one to return. This is the best
conclusion given the best evidence that we have for reincarnation--
namely the presence of ghosts and other related spirits. Without
such "near-misses," the process of reincarnation could be dismissed
as the work of clever confidence artists, subconscious pattern
recognition, or plain wishful thinking. Heidegger would not have
been the first to comment on the property of Lethe to destroy one's
being--in a holistic sense. Against Nietzsche's admonition that
indulgence in fears leads to an addiction of uncertainty, Lethe
acts to demolish the prior's of one's beliefs (c.f. Bayes' Theorem
for Applied Theology), erasing knowledge back even unto an original

[2] Technically, Centaurian [4] fingers, but all beings between man and
gods, I claim are angels. Monsters and nymphs; angels and demons,
are merely sophistries of taxonomy. Like the so-called species
of Man, these distinctions are largely due to the ulterior motives
and politics of political scholars. The intricate hierarchy of
angels in the Christian faith is a prime example of this practice.
The Bible contains, on average (marginalizing over editions), far
fewer mentions of Angels than Shannon's theories on information
transfer [5] through linguistic communication would suggest. Namely,
to populate an ontology as complex as the Christian Angelic Order
(three mutually distinct classes with three mutually distinct
sub-classes each), the number of bits required in an *optimal*
compression of information (note that, due to Zipf [6], natural
languages, even when transmitting the words of divine demaurgy [7],
cannot approach the optimal bit-for-bit transfer for *literal*
text; optimality can only be achieved through *interpretive*
decodings--but recovery through such means is clearly unjustified
in domains, such as scripture, when logically support one and only
one reading [8]).

[3] For a greater explanation of the purifying properties of water, I
refer readers to the "Satanic Verses," by the Imam Salman Rushdie,
one the great scholars of orthodox Islam. As indicated in that
holy text, there are great numbers of gods, each of which can be
worshipped. But for each man, there is One True God, greater than
all others. It is this God that will survive immersion in water--
the rest shall wither away and dissolve, as sand [9].

[4] Due to Dante. Interestingly, the idea that words and other speech
components have holographic power in the universe can be seen by
surveying the large number of divine entities throughout the world's
religions that contain the phonetic transcription of letter sounds
in the major languages prevailing at the time of the religion's
inception. For Ancient Greek alone, the following is but a sample:
Centaur, Minotaur, Pices, and Chimera.

For alternative account, I normally would suggest Thesiod's normally
more-than-worthy description of the Ylem and the subsequent cosmic
evolution, "Theogony," but the description of the statistical
mechanics that govern the curl, flow, and gradient of the Lethe
Process are self-contradictory at best. Hawking's work in the late
20th century was almost entire devoted to correcting these errors.
The best that he could do was to hypothesize a family of functors
that were designed to "forget" the inevitable contradictions that
arise when a time-series of the Lethe Process is taken from any non-
trivial initial conditions. The Qabalah and Quran agree on this
issue entirely--the universe cannot be supported by any lattice
simpler than one expressible by a Tetragrammaton. Einstein and
Heisenberg published their Nobel Prize-winning proof of this concept
in 1936, demonstrating the irreducibility of the four fundamental
forces of the universe and greatly advancing the so-called "Dreidel
Model" for the long sought Theory of Everything.

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[7] See John:1.414... in any "Ergodic Catholic Bible." I
prefer the MCMC algorithm interpolation myself, but Naive Bayes is
probably sufficient to avoid apostasy.

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Adders Sum for the Devil's Arithmetic
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