Camouflage Picture

this is the next ace for the contest thing in pandect ^_^. the first one was the deviation titled 'bamboo' (red panda!!! >XD)

the animal this one's supposed to be based on is a piping plover. a gray bird thing. and ya. part of the description said the color of the feathers blended well with the sandy/pebbly beaches where the birds live. so there. camouflage. >XD my lame excuse for a sandy/pebbly beach. i had fun ^_^ and i like how it turned out...

his name is lethe, after the greek mythological river of forgetfulness. cuz his character's supposed to be forgetful. hehe...

-sigh- nope i didn't win the last one. well, i guess it kinda figures cuz da peeps @ pandect are all/mostly yaoi fangirls, so ya. and my entry was a girl. so i guess it didn't appeal to them much. so now i'm joining the dood bandwagon. >XD call it an experiment if u will. if i still don't win, even after i take the effort to draw a dood, then it must be my poor skillz that's makin me lose. -_-' how sad...

i really don't mind not winning. actually, i wonder if u can keep joining the contest once u've won. prolly not. wouldn't really be fair... so i guess it's ok that i don't win. cuz i like drawing these aces. >XD i even have a few ideas of my own. tho it would be nice to -at least- get one vote or so. and twould be great to get either 2nd or 3rd place, cuz technically i won't have 'won' won. cuz ya. and... ya.
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