Queen Hel of Niflheim Picture

Real Name: Queen Halja
Aliases: Hel, Hela
Race/species: Daemon god
Home World/Birthplace: Godheim (Asgard)
Title/Job: Royalty/Queen

Element: Darkness
Age: 35 (Earth reckoning)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Colour: Pink
Hair Colour: White
Weapon(s): Staffs, Rods, Scepters, Rapiers, Epees, Jian Swords
Ambitions: To help out with her loved ones to rebuild the worlds after Ragnarok.
Technique(s)/Abilities: Can shape-shift, Can take herself apart and re-assemble herself
Likes: Her family and loyal subjects, Her kingdom, Mist Elmbarn, Glowing flowers
Dislikes: Her biological parents, Intense heat, Disobedient souls, Traitors
Strengths: Maternal, Wise, Giving, Polite, Soft spoken
Weaknesses: Weak against intense heat, Sickly, Gets tired easily, Worrier


Husband and Lover: King Bullar
Biological Father: Loki (cut ties with him)
Biological Mother: Angraboda (cut ties with her)

Brothers: Fenris, Jormungand, Slepnir, Vali

Surrogate Father: King Scratch

Septuplet Sons: Amirani, Belthegor, Kursha, Ghmerti, Dan-Dan, Biris, Harman
Daughter in Law: Mist Elmbarn
Cousin/Pet: Garmr

Bio: Halja is the only female child of the god Loki and his mistress Angraboda. While she was born alongside her brothers, both parents, as well as the gods Odinn and Frigga were horrified of these demon children. So her parents banished her to Helheim in a hand basket, while Fenris was hog tied and hanging from a tree, and Jormungand was thrown into the oceans of Godheim.

On her journey to Helheim, Halja came apart at the limbs, since she is a patchwork devil after all, and was left stranded and motionless on the banks near the Lethe river. All she could do was scream and cry, hoping someone would help her out. To her luck, King Scratch of Sheol found her and adopted her. There, Scatch named the girl Halja, but sometimes, the girl would go by the nickname Hel or Hela. The two were close and Halja thought of Scratch to be more of a real parent than her biological parents who abandoned Halja and her brothers at birth.

Centuries later, when Halja reached adulthood, she fell in love with Bullar, the dragon devil king of Niflheim. Scatch approved of his daughter being with Bullar, and the two gotten married, thus, Halja was now the Queen of Niflheim.

Then, years later, Halja was pregnant with seven children. When the children were ready to be born, Queen Halja drank up a whole bottle of pain numbling elixir in front of her panicking midwife and handmaidens. There, the devil queen gave herself a caesarian section and all seven of her sons crawled out of her “pouch” she altered, making the midwife faint in shock.

Years later, as her sons reached adulthood, she learned of a Valkyrie that saved one of her captured sons and plotted to rebel against her master and mistress. There, history was being made and life in both Helheim and Godheim will never be the same again.

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