The Blinded Ones Picture

I've been conflicted with submitting this picture. It's very different for me! XD

I've been studying really hard(both for college and for my art!). I love digital painting, it's very relaxing. I want to get better at it, so I've been working hard on this picture to try and improve. I think I've learned a few things since the last time I painted in Photoshop*coughAreyoulost?coughcough*

Haha. This picture is based on a short story I wrote for 10th grade english. It was heavily inspired by Greek Mythology, particularily the workings of the Underworld. There were 5 rivers that had human-like incarnations. The river depicted here is Lethe, the river of oblivion and forgetfulness. Spirits drank from the river Lethe to forget their earthly existence. She has a motherly affection for the rest of the rivers and most of all, Hypnos(God of everlasting sleep). In Greek Mythology, the river Lethe flows through Hypnos' castle, which is actually more like a cave in all likeliness! XD
In my story, Hypnos was banished from the Overworld into the Underworld after helping Prometheus give Man fire, and was put into an everlasting sleep. He is protected by Lethe. Acheron and Cocytus seek out Lethe's concent to go through Hypnos' cave to get to Hades and Persephone.

....I might do the other rivers. Phlegethon was a cool character(and his crazy relationship with Erinyes! XD) Who knows~

Well, I hope you enjoy? Like I said, it's really different for me to draw something like this.
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