Moirai:The Fates Picture

The sketch of Moirai colored in photoshop. This was my very first time just using photoshop to color anything completely. I may play with coloring in photoshop on other projects but I prefer traditional methods so far. There is something more satisfying in holding a brush, marker or pencil to flesh out the color life in a composition. But that is just me.

Again Moirai is the Greek/Roman designation for the three Fates that measure a man's life. My depiction compiles the elements of all three Fates in one subject female. Clotho (the spider spinning): the weaver who makes said threads. Lachesis (the main femme and her growing hair): the measurer who numbers a man's days. And Atropos (the shears): who snips the thread to finalize the measure of a man's days. I had a poem to describe this but my brain ate it this morning so maybe it will be put up later if it decides to resurface. Don't hold your breath though.
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