The Three Hecates: BW Version Picture

Done in Aug 04....

PLEASE FULLVIEW!! The preview piccy DESTROYZ ALL the details....

I never, ever got around doing CGing this and it's been more than a year. I'm not very sure I was this August 2004 or May 2004. I'm just confused and maybe having it on my page will motivate me to CG the poor thing.

Anyway, these three are the Hecates from my original manga, Schokolade Drug. The Hecate are very much like the goddess (or was it demi-goddess) Hecate in Greek Mythology, who guide the newly dead to their place of "judgement". In order to be a Hecate, one must have a strong bond which binds them to the human world. As a Hecate, one can roam in the human world, however every memory about one's life as a human is completely erased. They can recover those memories but the ones that do don't fare very well, however every Hecate harbor the dangerous curiousity of wanting to know how they died. Interest concept for a story no? It's all mine. (c) by Ariel Tsuki, got it? LOL...

Schokolade Drug deals with life and death, I think I came up with it after watching a lot of death-related TV shows and the death of my eldest uncle. I actually stopped after awhile because the subject of death was freaking me out a bit.

From YOUR left to right: Schokolade Rory, Hanna, Ciro Kingsley, one of Hecate Teams that deals with guilding the souls of one city.

Now discussing about it made me want to CG it. Maybe sometime early next year, I suppose. But for now this is a place holder for the CG piccy...

(c) Schokolade Rory, Hanna, Ciro Kingsley, Schokolade Drug and its story belongs to Ariel Tsuki R.

Done in .3 mm mecha pencil and the bane of my existence, computer paper. Scanned and edited in Photoshop 6.
It only hurts once
Hecate, Sacred Goddess
The Three Hecates: BW Version
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