Hera Picture

"Hera (Ἥρα) is usually shown as a crafty schemer and jealous wife. She is the mother of a few of the second generation gods: Ares, Hephaestus, and Hebe. Zeus and his frequent affairs are enough to keep her busy, punishing his many lovers and cursing his illegitimate children. Even though she cannot protect her own marriage, Hera is labeled as the protector of the institution. Wives with unfaithful husbands could definitely sympathize with her. Hera has a fiery temper and enough venom for her anger to last centuries. Her animal is the cow, and her bird is the peacock. The Romans named June, the season for marriage, after Hera (Juno)."
– Paraphrased from MythologyTeacher, [www.mythologyteacher.com/Galle…

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