NEWveNusInCorporated1:6 Picture

is an imaginary mythological deviation on Aphrodite’s birth coming up to an Image Corporate Application*…wAou! While Zeus castrating his father Cronos, drives the ocean fertilised by the male member thrown in it to give the world Venus Birth ; she is brought then by the waves somewhere on Cyprus shores (see Boticelli’s BirthOf Venus [link] ). Pic depicts : Beauty In Pure Light questions Joy, Happiness and Harmony through Eros (Volaris Luminaire), who is love to love desire on what’s missing, hope it brinks in light what is missing…! (see Socrate/Diotima’s dialog in Plato’s “Banquet” [link]
or [link] ).
...*And here is the corporate application to a factory on Modern surface-mounted and pendant luminaires, as Volaris Luminaire the latest step in a long line of successful design, innovative lighting technology, convincing functional detailed solutions, in the largest field of inspiration currents even on short series upon demand ! See [link]
Model Anda natural brunette!! photographed for Jouliana’s underware catalogue sessions, though body texture, head, hair and face are totally submitted to potatoshop manipulation... ( Puppets, dollies ‘n candies SantaClauss brought me ! Enjoy them )
Heroine Prime Hermaphroditus
cupid and aphrodite