The One I Look Up To Picture

Yeah... I was testing my new markers out... I did not have skintone at the time I was doing this so I used colored pencil.. I hope it looks okay :3.

The one with the red hair is Ares.. the God of War from my Greek Mythology comic. He normally has short red hair... but this is back in the time before he cut it... I love the effect I managed to capture with the markers... his hairs pretty heehee. The little blonde is Eros... who is Cupid in Greek Mythology... He is the son of Aphrodite...

Well in the tale... Aphrodite gives birth to Eros... he grows up happy and everything but later he comes to the age when he realizes he has no idea who his father is... so he designates one for himself... haha... and out of all the ones he picks he chooses the God of War and Bloodlust... lol... btw.. if your not familiar with mythology, Eros is the god of love...

He really looks up to Ares... sadly Ares doesn't really like anyone... but he does watch over him... because deep down Ares is actually a very kind person...

Well I hope you all like it... just a doodle <3
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