Eris - Secondary Sketch Picture

I blame Ryan (the one of currently Harvard persuasion) for spurring Arcadi on... He's right though... There's no real good images of Eris out there.

Continuing in my Arcadi-phase during D&D, this took about an hour and a half. This was styled after a drawing of Eris that Ryan and I both kinda liked, but I thought could definitely be better. I guess I was trying to balance the view the discordians have of Eris and the view Ryan has of her... thus the apple in one hand and a chaos star in the other...

Stop me if I'm not making sense here...

I may or may not go back and ink this... I think I will... but that's only if I can find a good pen to do it with... Or maybe I'll try it computer-style... We'll see, I guess... Stand by... It'll probably be done soon if it gets done at all.
Saiba Faita oc Eri
Eris, Lord of Havoc
Eris - Secondary Sketch
Eris - Initial Sketch
WIP: Eris