Tempest OC: Eris Picture

I felt that if i was to draw some of the major characters from the story i am making it would better let me, and you get to visualize them. as well as give you a chance to know them...

This is Eris (She isnt the main character, but the one that i actually feel is finished) She is a major antagonist in the story i am writing, and in fact was just introduced at the part i finished last night.

Eris is highly intelligent, politically powerful, manipulative, slow to trust, and course. People find it hard to be around her much less get along with her as a person, being born into hubris and wealth, she is a member of the social and political elite. She is a seductress, knowing her beauty and using it as a weapon for personal gain. Being slightly older (about 41, actual age never disclosed) she knows her way around a bed room, as well as a battlefield. She is talented in command and a tactical genius rivaling that of the worlds best men. However she lacks in combat prowess what her lover (Atraxes) and his brother (Theron) both share. As such this makes it hard for battle hardend troops to trust her, or take orders from her.

She has black hair(although i didnt shade it in, because its 1 45 in the morning here and im going to bed) dark blue eyes, and a healthy but thin build...

Next up Theron, then either Asher or Kalli...
Eris Goddess of Chaos
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Tempest OC: Eris
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