Sometimes You Don't Have to Change the World Picture

Just a little something, partially inspired by this:
Conversation With A GodShe calls herself Poseidon. I call her “she”, but the statement is debatable, I suspect she is not truly anything, however for the time being, and to my eye, she appears female. Her hair is long and very dark blue, except at the tips where it is lit with flecks of seafoam green. Her skin shines like the polished face of a seashell, with as many colors swimming across it.
She walks beside me with her face raised to the sun, and as I glance back I see that her footsteps in the sand are filled with water.
‘Aren’t you afraid you’ll dry out?’ I ask because it is the first thing that comes to my mind and instantly I know I sound foolish.
‘I can not,’ she replies and her voice sounds like water running over stones. ‘I may walk a thousand years in the desert, and when I am done it will be an ocean.’
She does not look at me as she speaks, she keeps her face to the sun which shines meekly through the wisps of clouds, still low over the

I quite like this idea of taking all the connotations of a mythical being/god like Ares (or Poseidon) and turning the whole thing on its head.

Also, for those of you not familiar with Greek mythology, Ares was the god of war. Eirene was the (lesser known) goddess of peace, and was the name I chose to give to the narrator's sister.

I'd love to know what you thought. All comments and feedback are welcome.
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