Bat babies Picture

Day nine: Bat babies

These are two of my bat babies Batty (the brown bat, named after my favorite character from the movie Ferngully) and Echo (the multicolored bat, named after an Oread in Greek Mythology as well as the reflection of a sound). I've had these to Ty Beanie Babies since I was young, and they have inspired me to collect them. Although finding bats to bring home is a bit more difficult than I though unless it's Halloween time (and those are generally made like shit or look like shit to start with). I also want to sponsor a bat- but seeing that I am unemployed at the moment, it's gonna have to wait a while. But for those of you who want to sponsor a bat or help endangered bat's in anyway follow the link's I have below.

To sponsor live bats:

Or purchase cute vampire dolls/accessories where the money goes to endangered bats:
Ostara 2012 Altar
Echo and Pan
Bat babies
Echo Cover