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Pendeogans by *Jubilations, for the #PendeoClub

Name: Smantha "Siren" Mayes

Addiction: Music.
Needs it to get to sleep, energize in the morning, concentrate on homework. Keeps one side of headphones on when talking to others.

Music: Alternative rock, punk rock, metal, techno, j-rock, rave music, some hip-hop, classical, instrumental, indigenous ethnic music.

Likes: Skating *ice or roller, doesn't matter*, cafes, visual artists *thinks they're so very interesting (eccentric)*, concerts, street performers *only the good ones*, "those crazy anime convention people"

Dislikes: "those retarded anime convention people" *there's a difference*, 95% of country music, most rap *says it's not REAL music*, people messing with her playlists, over sensitive or emotional people.

Brief Bio: Born from a Caucasian mother and an Italian father. Her father is a Pendeo, with a love for music and the arts. Always loved music as a child, taking up violin and piano via her parents wanting her to be well rounded. She dove deeper into heavier music when her parents started having marital troubles and eventually divorced. She was mid-high school when her addiction hit at full speed, causing issues at first with authority *would freak out at people confiscating her player, end up hurting herself and/or others via fits of rage and withdrawal.*

If somehow she doesn't have her music on her *someone took it, played a prank and moved it somewhere, etc.* and she can't find it, she'll get violent, searching everyone and everything for her player. Usually, she'll start singing to herself quite loudly, drowning out and ignoring others who get in her way until she has it back in her hands. If there's an instrument nearby, even one she has never played, she'd play it in this case for quick relief, but still would need her player.

Has a punk/grunge style with her own flair thrown in and never goes anywhere without her red plaid converse.

She's straight, but with an appreciation for the female form. She's also comfortable enough with her sexuality to pretend to flit with her female friends, etc. etc. and not let any negative comments bother her.

TL: DR version
Ah, Pendeogans.
Race created by *Jubilations and has gained a rather large following, as far as dA clubs go, and because of Nina, I've become a fan, too. As such, I was compelled to create one of my own :3

This is Samantha Mayes, also known to her friends as "Siren", as misled as the name is, she still likes it. Sirens are maidens of the sea, have been portrayed as both beautiful and ugly, but their song lures seafaring men to their rocky, stabbity deaths.

Sam/Siren here likes the idea of being dangerous and related to a musical creature of mythology.

She's fond of the punk rocker look, and throws a little grunge into the mix from time to time. She like multiple colors, but her favorite piece to wear are her red plaid converse. The piercings and tattoo came after a bit of a rough time in her life when she started to try and re-create herself, starting over as a more outgoing "wild" type.

Sam has always loved music even as a little child. She always picked the musical toys as a child, and at age eight she started violin lessons. She got into piano through her violin teacher, who was also a pianist, and began learning at age 11.

Around age 13, her parents started going through some rough times, but the outcome was a bit less pleasant than Sam would have liked. They bickered on a daily basis, the fights getting so loud they would echo through walls, and sometimes things would get broken and people would get hurt. Being and only child and having her family falling apart, she turned to the one thing she loved best, music.

At first she listened to classical music, ambient music, to try and calm herself. When the fighting didn't stop and she felt most helpless, she began to turn to heavier music just to drown them out in her room.

At 15, she withdrew into a sort of emo phase, not letting go of her headphones for a split moment. She began ignoring more than just her parents, but other people. Teachers, friends, anyone. Her grades dropped, and her parents blamed her, causing her to withdraw more into her music.

By 16, her parents had divorced and all she had left was a CD player and her violin. After her mother left, she slowly got back into playing and practicing *living with her father*, though she was a good two years rusty by then.

In her junior year, she managed to bring her grades back up, but not without a fer marks on her permanent record. She would bring her CD player to school every day, listen to it with one earbud in and ear in every class, and when someone would try to confiscate it or even playfully take her player away, someone ended up with a bloodied nose and she ended up finishing that year in summer school.

Between her junior and senior years was when it was realized that music was her addiction, and she was allowed to have her music through senior year. She graduated on time and aimed to join an art school to major in music, focusing on what she knew already; piano and violin. She plans on taking up bass guitar as well.

She reinvented herself near the end of her senior year, and went all out to get back into the mainstream scene as a freshmen in college *armed with a new iPod at her side, ditching the old CD player*. Now barely started her sophmore year, she's had a year and a half to socialize amongst the people, but is still trying to figure out who she really wants to be overall in life. She figures that she'll find that out by seniour year, and will "probably go for my masters anyway"

Peneogans (c) *Jubilations
Siren (c) *Lock-of-Hyrule
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Samantha Mayes
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