A2 Power Hawk Final: Ziz Picture

Part of my A2 level project in 2007-8 with title "Power". My idea was to research the biblical myth of Behemoth, Leviathan and Ziz, the primordial lords of earth, sea and air respectively. There being a lot of debate about precisely what creatures they were, I went for "real" ones. (Hey, I would've gone for mythological and had a fething sea serpent for Leviathan but noo, my course was strictly observational.) I picked a South Devon bull belonging to our neighbour for Behemoth, a Harris hawk from a falconry show that came to our village for Ziz, and er, well we didn't have any orcas handy, so they came off the internet for Leviathan.
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A2 Power Hawk Final: Ziz
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