Narcissus Picture

Finally! I've been trying to come up with the best look for my fav dude from Greek mythologies: Narcissus!

Actually, this was a bad sketch I decided not to complete, but when I was supposed to study for the finals exam, I thought of playing around with it! and wow! I never thought the sketch I considered scrap turned into the best and final attempt of drawing him!

If you translated my name into English it would be Narcissus, so, we kinda share the same name! ^.^

Narcissus was so beautiful that he had many lovers of both genders! the most known lovers are Echo ( female) and Ameinias ( male),,, but Narcissus rejected all of his lovers!

They are many versions of his story that every time I look him up, I find another version, but all of 'em has the same ending: Narcissus would fall in love with his OWN reflection and will get himself killed with that!

He got PAWNED by his own beauty, so that's why I made sure that he'll be the BEST guy I've ever drawn!

PLEASE! No crits! I am so in love with this one and I am so happy with it! Knowing it's flows will make me unhappy!

Narcissus belongs to whoever came up with that Greece mythology
This work belongs to me!
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