Rude Awakenings Picture

The surface looked familiar. A quick inspection immediately relayed to her what it was.

The mile-long stretches of aged solid oak that seemed to stretch endlessly on all sides. She could see the veins and ridges at the tips of her fingers. The surface had been sanded enough to where it was an even surface, but there were a few cavities big enough to slip her hand into.

Not far from where she lay sat a grey disk, sunk into the splintered floor. She recognized the dented surface as soon as she saw it. How could she forget the slugs of iron she drove onto these floors? Up close the metal almost looked freshly hammered, still full of little slopes and scratches from the hammer that forged them and the feet that tread upon them.

So what was the story this time? She ran her hand through her hair, giving her crown a good rubbing as she tried to untangled the crimson mass of hair. It hurt. Her head, at least. Not her hair. That felt pretty normal. She was nursing a pretty bad headache that seemed to sit at the very top of her head, while also lingering a bit in her frontal lobe. This wasn't some kind of extreme migraine, though. It seemed more like a blunt object had struck her...

She stopped for a moment and turned her gaze in a direction she seldom looked: skyward. Great. One of the beams had a massive gash. She could see the exact point where it had been struck, and it had been struck pretty hard. But that least ten or eleven feet up. At least at her normal height. Right now it seemed more like she was gazing out into the endless void of space. Only instead of distant stars and galaxies she was stargazing at the familiar woodwork of her little cottage.

Well...not so little at the moment.

Elle had shrunk.

By the Gods had she shrunk.

A nasty crack on the crown must have put her down. She must have been something close to twelve feet high when she broke the wooden beam above. Now she was barely an inch high. No bigger than the final digit on the end of her normal-sized index finger.

The room was dim. Her entire form felt weirdly heavy despite being light as a feather. And she was...garbed in a strange outfit.

Her curvy form, normally adorned with a simple sweater, comfortably snug shorts, and her cozy-wozy stockings, was a little more tightly contained in some kind of flexible synthetic fiber. She would know. It felt nothing like any fiber she had worked with before, drawing back on eons of needlework.

The top was...weirdly fitting. Elle was rocking a rather generous chest. Two melon-sized globes hanging heavily from her chest that she tried her hardest to conceal and de-romanticize with baggier clothes and, in the olden days, heavy robes. Symbols of fertility and life her ass. More like medals of unwarranted attention. Beacons, even. But they seemed to be readily contained in a bright red tank top, made from the same material as her pants.

These were equally fitting, but far less flattering. Whatever this material was it was doing too good a job emphasizing the enormity and detail of her cushioned behind. Her matronly hips gave way to an excessively padded rear end. Though a friend of her's had made the distinction somewhere down the line that Elle was rocking a nice 'booty'.

"The way I see it," The words echoed in her head as she examined her embarrassingly emphasized ass, "You've got a nice shape there. It's rather cushy. But your cheeks aren't exactly hanging out due to their own immensity. You've got a great hip game, Els."

Booty. Booty. It sounded weird. Lingo was weird. Language was weird. The ancient tongue seemed far more deliberate.

Elle looked at her list of clues. She was up in the morning for a reason she couldn't remember. Up early enough that the sun wasn't even out. And in such a rush she didn't even spot the wooden beam of her ceiling headed right for her brow. And in these...strange clothes. Very soft. Breathable. Full range of motion. Almost like they had activity in mind-

Oh Gods.

Suddenly across the room the door threw itself open and the dim light of a cloudy morning cut through the darkness of the room. The great heaving slab of wood was thrown into motion like it weighed nothing, even though to her it was like the far edge of the world had been cracked open. The door must have been at least seventy or eighty times her height now. And despite being a few feet away the subtle gust of the door opening was enough to push her off her feet and nudge her onto the floor.

"Oh Elle~" A melodic voice boomed.

The announcement of presence echoed past the door and over the floorboards, shaking the wood ever so slightly. It bounced off the walls and windows and pounded against the tiny Muse sitting on the floor, pulling her mind out of the ignorant pit of unconsciousness and into the grim reality of the morning.

"Ready for Yoga?"

A gargantuan figure stood at the doorway, like a titan using it's sheer enormity to break through the walls of the universe and into this tiny cottage Elle called home. Clad in a similar uniform. Tight-fitting blue tank and lycra-nylon pants that did their job defining her more extravagant curves. And extravagant they were. This titaness's curves were far more embellished than Elle's. Almost heaving under their own weight, burdening the fabric that dare try to contain the sheer immensity of her being. Breasts hanging just as heavy as Elle's own, and a set of hips that shot out further along with a pair of thighs thicker than skyscrapers to support them.

The colossal figure surveyed the landscape for a moment, their head, sitting in the heavens, shifting calmly. Darting too and fro in a dance of pure, white locks, the sheer volume and softness of them suggesting a vitality that was unlike those who typically had white hair. This was no geriatric. No ancient. No. This was someone far more active. Far healthier. Far happier. Far more powerful. A being so immense her existence almost dwarfed the miniaturized Elle's comprehension of her own being were it not for the knowledge that the only one out of scale her was herself. That hair. Those hips. That posture. Like she was in control of the room before she even entered it. No mistaking it.

Lilith was here.

Elle hadn't a moment to collect herself from the floor once again before an earth-shaking footstep shot through the floorboards and into her tiny form, where it rocked her to her core. Lilith's enormous soles were nothing short of thunderous, quaking the the world below her as she strode inward. And stride she did. Standing with the composure of form and massiveness that made her seem unstoppable in motion.

"Els?" She roared, her voice bombarding the poor muse, sounding out for the girl as she crashed her way across the floor towards the minuscule girl. Her feet were bare, but in the distance Elle could see she held a pair of shoes in both hands. Two enormous sandals in her left, most likely freshly removed, and sneakers in the other. Plain. White. A little worn. Lilith went for function over form. She seemed to be pulling off the form part well enough as it was.

Elle finally forced herself upward to her full height, which really didn't change her perspective more than a smidge. Lilith was still massive. Lilith's feet were still advancing, her toes slapping against the floor and kicking up bits of sawdust, and on a collision course with Elle's miniature body.


The morning was lovely. The sky was a soothing shade of morning grey, with the kind of light that suggested the sun was around here somewhere but with no interest of joining her. Thankfully, since she found the enclosure of a grey sky very cozy, as well as less likely to incinerate her. Honestly the eternal youth thing for vampirism needed some kind of trade-off, she just wished it didn't involve staying inside for most of the year. But oh sweet cloud cover, what wonders you provided.

She sauntered along the beaten path a few minutes from the nearest stretch of concrete, over a few wooded hills dotted with fallen leaves left untossed by the wind, basically bouncing ideas off the walls of her head while she took in the familiar scenery. Probably the correct amount of tepid for a morning like this. The cool air brushed against her skin with little resistance, and she didn't seem to shy away from the subtle chill. She kept her head busy, never one to linger too long on the fantastically mundane marvels of nature. Would Elle like it? Again she cursed the lapse of thought that kept her from doing a bit of research on greek culture and history.

She tried to name a greek sport but could only come up with "war".


She wondered if she should jog a bit. Get a run-up to Elle's cottage in the woods. Burst through the door roaring and ready to go. She was awfully comfortable in her brand-name exercise duds. The lycra put up a substantial fight against the dimensional nightmare that was her caboose. She preferred her pants snug, and these seemed to deliver.

How would Elle look in her gear? Clad in that tight, form-fitting nylon weave?

Lilith picked up her pace a bit and smiled.

Elle's cottage slowly drifted into view around a bend of bushes and old oak trees, surrounded by a bed of lush, freshly-dewed grass. Still old-looking. Still surprisingly robust. Girl lived a good walk away from the nearest human being and shied away from anything with wheels. Said they stressed her out. There was too much at stake. And finding something that would fit her would be a process too complicated to bother with.

Plus it wouldn't last if she had another growth spurt.

Lilith walked her way through Elle's lush vegetable garden and kicked off her sandals in front of her, recovering them as she passed them with her free hand. As she walked she let her steps become more deliberate and weighty, letting her toes work their way between the blades of grass and lively soil. The kind of refreshing sensation she needed to wake up to.

She fished an old key out from under a petite stone near the front door and raised it to the ornate lock on the hand-carved door. She'd liked to imagine this is how Simon might live. His homestead raised from the soil by hand. Like the observant eye could still see the fingerprints on every surface of this cozy little nook.

She didn't bother looking as she turned the key, pushing the door open and stepping onto the wooden entryway of Elle's abode.

"Oh Elle~" she called, stepping inside.

The room as empty. Quiet. Nothing but the idle wind and ambient sounds of nature flowing in from behind her.

"Ready for yoga?" She took a few steps forward and called into the house. Maybe she wasn't up yet. These early hours of the morning very seldom saw the waking. Though Elle's grassroots mentality might have kept her early to bed and early to rise. Though there was no sign of her, it seemed.

Probably asleep. But it might be best to check her room...



Lilith's sole slammed down onto the ground with another cataclysmic thud. Her plush soles continued to rain down from above like hellfire, their immense bulk and terminal destination becoming dreadfully apparent.

"Lil-" Elle looked over her shoulder, now in a full-on sprint. Her tongue struggled to form anything that bore resemblance to language, between the gasping she was doing from all the running, the ponderous thuds of Lilith's soles chasing her, and the sheer unwanted excitement.

Elle took another desperate breath and looked up at the encroaching she-colossus, Lilith's hazel eyes focused elsewhere. Elle must have been too small for Lilith's vampiric sense to pick her up. Maybe Lilith would be able to pick out her tiny scent if the rest of the house didn't drown it out with the odors of lumber and iron. Not to mention her furniture and bed probably smelled more like her than she did right now.

If she were just loud enough to be heard. She sucked in the rushing air with all her might and tried to force violent verbiage from her mouth.



Lilith was fast. Lilith was big. Lilith was close.

The force of her foot tossed Elle off her feet and into the air for a brief moment, the landscape rocked beneath her apocalyptic strides. She could hear the wood been pressed and ground against under her soles, sawdust now flying by like tiny droplets of hail. Elle fell forward and skidded across the planks, sliding to rough stop as she againt stared into the wood.

Her head, hazy from the sudden shift in space, forced itself back to the moment when she felt the wind above her shift. A strong gale was being forced through the air, and something utterly massive was pushing itself forward, defiant of it's own massiveness. An entity so large it should not have been able to move as quick as it was moving.

Then the lights dimmed.

In that moment Elle had full awareness of two people: Lilith and herself. She was barely and inch tall. Possibly smaller. On the floor of her house. And, to everyone in the word, going totally unacknowledged. Lilith was equally absent to the people of the world, save for Elle. Lilith stood at her average height of five feet, eight inches, standing mid-stride with her soles on course to collide with Elle.

Well, maybe collide was he wrong choice of words. That implied a reciprocation of force. Which Elle could not supply. No. They were on course to annihilate Elle.

It was a moment she dreaded being it but wish had lasted longer. Because when it finally did end...



Must've been asleep, Lilith figured, curling her toes against the floor. Maybe it'd be best not to disturb her.

Lilith pivoted and faced the door, debating if she should wait for her friend or catch the 7:30 class so she could dodge the crowd. Sort of the reason she wanted Elle up at this hour. Fewer wandering eyes. Less of a chance to destroy the gym. As much as she'd kind of like to see that happen.

She took an irregular pause to let her imagination run with that idea.
Not bad.

Eh. Maybe she'd give her a call later. She deserved a peaceful morning.

Okay. So. I drew a few little doodles about JetSlasher's Elle shrinking while being carried along by an unaware Lilith, with general crushing shenanigans going on. Elle is a muse, from Greek mythology. Basically the rule is she can shrink and grow under certain conditions. General attention from people makes her grow and magical incantations make her shrink. But I'm going to just contrive a reason for Lilith to be unaware. Maybe Elle has a few emotional reactions that induce growth and reduction. But that's still being worked out.

So I'm playing with implication and shit. I wanted to write a bit. The only problem is that you can't have too much character interplay with Elle and Lilith considering Elle is tiny and being treaded upon rather than making emotional decisions.

Got this weird shared headcannon with