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Cierra continued to follow her golden cat, it lead her through the hall filled with ancient dust and century old spiderwebs and the air was dry and warm and the old halls smell reminded her of warm milk and honey, it had an atmosphere of old nostalgic cheerfulness, it was totally different than what Cierra had thought when she stepped into the old, dark hall, she had thought it would be damp and musty but she was happy that she had been wrong, eventually the hall ended at a door. It was grey of age, the only spot of color on the door was the golden door handle, it was the form of a cats head with a ring in its mouth...or was it a lions head? It was hard to see due to it being so worn.

As soon as Cierra touched the handle she got a small shock, but it wasn't the normal electrical shock that people usually gets, this shock was filled with a powerful ancient magic. Cierra could sense it weakly but the door and walls seemed to hold it like a bottle can hold some liquid.

A weird feeling sprung to life in Cierra, if someone would ask her to describe it she would probably say that it felt both gentle and hard as a punch on your stomach, ticklish, enjoyable and nausiating, she had had it once before when she was informed of her magical gift, it was the feeling of change....

Cierra got a hunch that once she opened the door her life would once again change drastically. The cat meowed, bringing Cierra back into the reality from her deep thoughts. She couldn't just stand there all day, waiting for the door to open itself, She looked down at the cat who looked back at Cierra with impatient eyes, it wanted her to open the door.

She toke the handle and started to pull up the door with all her strength, she could feel the magic which had been built up under several centuries pass by her like a warm wind. Cierra toke a few careful steps into the room and she could see that it was a huge but very empty, no chairs, no lamps or torches, just a lot of old dust. There was lots of windows thought and the setting suns golden light flowed into the room like golden honey. In the middle of the room there was a life sized statue of a woman with a cat head instead of a human head. At the feats of the statue there was a group of different colored cats and Cierra thought that she had disturbing an important meeting for only cats, but it didn't take long before those thoughts was blown away and she started walking up to the statue, it was as if she was under a spell.

The cats watched her with anticipating, different colored eyes.

Cierra thought that this statue was a statue of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, Cierra had always been interested in mythology and read most myths from all over the world and caught a liking for the love goddesses like Aphrodite, Freya and Bastet.

This Bastet statue was made of gold and silver, she stood up and held out her hands and in them laid a sword, it looked as if it was made of silver and gold, but it was strong magic in it making it harder and tougher against other things than gold and silver really were. It looked as if the Bastet statue was giving away the sword.

Cierra looked down and saw her own cat stroking against the statue, it meowed and then sent a message to Cierra.

~Take it!~

Cierra who had been able to understand all sorts of animals for quite some time now was used to understanding animals even though she didn't understand why she of all the people in the castle could understand them, felt uneasy when she received this message, it was as if it wasn't only her cat who said it but the whole room, the air, the dust, the cats, the statue....everything...

the next few seconds everything happened so fast that Cierra had a hard time describing in what order everything had happen...The moment she touched the sword a warm power spread in her body, things and faces, stuff she had never seen flashed by her eyes and she thought that she could hear a voice even thought there was no one there to say anything, the voice was smooth and sweet as honey said: *Chosen One....follow your destiny....*

"NOOOOOO" Cierra screamed so loud that it still echoed several minutes later, she pulled back her hand without taking the sword, toke up her golden cat and scared she ran over the floor, out of the room, through the hall and back to the girls dormitories as fast as her legs could carry her...

Yesterday while I was in school I was thinking of different titles to put on pics and suddenly got the line "struggling against destiny" and it became "fighting against destiny" and I felt that I wanted to do a pic which would fit that title and have a character I made in a book I want to wright in it, and after some serious thinking I came up with this...

the girls name is Cierra Pendragon but I might change that if I can figure out a better name, her cat is yet of nameless (I cant figure out a good name yet) and yet of its also genderless...

the sword in the pic is positioned different from what I wrote in that little mini story above this space, but that's just because I wanted you all to see how it really looked.

and last but not least, I wrote that "mini" story here so you could understand better why this pic is like this... I might use it in the book I want to wright but Ill probably change it a lot then... This fight against the destiny she will lose but there will be other fights she will win...
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Fighting Against Destiny
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