Erinyes Picture

The Erinyes: The Furies. Half-bird women, they are comprised of Tisiphone (the avenger of murder), Megaera (the jealous), and Alecto (the constant anger). This concentration project is an embodiment of all three, the same and interchangeable.

I tried some new techniques with the coloring of the skin on this one- namely, I used the background color, a deep blue, in the shadows of the skin, while keeping the highlighted tones warm. I painted the figure first, then played with how to represent the Furies. Initially I tried painting wings; the wings went through several incarnations, then I decided against them in favor of the more subtle suggestion of the half-bird nature. With the background, I wanted a combination of royal blue and gold, with an echoed suggestion of wings.

Anyway. So here is my next concentration. We're coming up on the end!! This week's concentration will be my last!
Jinsei no Hibiki