Team Retro Mafia Picture

(from left to right)

Pesterchum handle: cryogenicArtist
Mage of Light
Land of Eggs and Crystals
Strifedeck: Slinkykind
Sprite: Mannicatsprite
Likes: Mythological animals, drawing, and RPG video games
Dislikes: Seriously Shitty Cliches

Pesterchum handle: cyaneousTextrix
Maid of Breath
Land of Relfection and Sky
Strifedeck: Gunkind
Sprite: Elricsprite
Likes: Anime, drawing, and dressing up in fancy costumes
Dislikes: Being called short.

Pesterchum handle: candescentChevelure
Heir of Space
Land of Obsidian and Echo
Strifedeck: Sharpiekind
Sprite: Moesprite
Likes: Art of any nature, candy of the rainbow persuasion, and the color green
Dislikes: When her 3 dogs dig under her fence and run away.

Pesterchum handle: atomicCrescendo
Knight of Heart
Land of Twilight and Vibration
Strifedeck- Swordkind
Sprite: Caitlincubesprite
Likes: Playing the trumpet, Alien the Movie, and Hannah (ESPECIALLY HANNAH)
Dislikes: When he regrets a descision.