Echo Picture

All right not my best work. Yeah her head looks big i understand. i wanted to draw a girl crying i don't do that so well so i was experimenting. why is she crying? well this pic is sorta based off the old greek mythology story about echo and narcissus. where the nymph echo, who was once gifted in speech, was cursed by hera to always only be able to repeat that which other people say. so when echo tried to get narcissus to love her he refused her and (because nymphs are oh so fragile i guess) she became so upset she somehow died. however, before doing so she wished narcissus would one day feel the pain of love that she has. and he did. he feel in love... with himself... <.<,, i suppose that works too eh? the only real thing i like about this pic is the flowers. lol...
Icarus Revelation
What Dying Echoes Bring