Eris Picture

I am so sorry that Eris is hard to see, if anyone wants, I'll make another version that's brighter

Man, it feels good to be drawing again, and with this image that is not of this accounts namesake, I would just like to say where the Vorbotes went at the end Harbinger Armageddon (the story that closed out my first account).

After they disappeared, they traveled to the (literally) once mentioned world Silus created, called Kaishi. There, the Vorbotes took full-time position of their roles as gods and goddesses of Kaishi. Eris is the goddess of the Ocean and Fertility.

In the mythologies of Kaishi, she used her Kyogre Mazu (named after a Chinese water goddess) to fill the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers as well as bring rain to parched areas (much like in the Pokemon world).

The mythologies also speak of her riding on a great spined lizard (who is Dysnomia), either bringing promises of bountiful harvests or curses of famine and hardship.

It is also said that if a sailor sees Dysnomia's sail, they will be blessed with good and safe sailing, and if they see Mazu, a storm will arrive soon.

Eris and Dysnomia are (c) of me
Primal Kyogre is (c) of