+GT - Persephone and Rodis+ Picture

characters: persephone & rodis (OCs)
media used: photoshop CS3, paint shop pro 8 for colour adjusting & dA background

I've told you more about the awesome Greeky Tale here. Many things changed since then. Persephone's style evolved to be a mix between slutty look and rockabilly fashion (she does have got some tattoos, but unfortunately her right side is covered here...). She also got a male alter ego, Rodis.

Who's Rodis, you ask? Well, in this version of the myth Persephone ran away from Demeter pretty much willingly, so she didn't want to go back to her every half a year; she had to come up with disguise in which she could've keep returning above the Underworld safely. Basically... yeah, she created a male body for herself. Oh, how much I'd give to have those godlike powers. XD

But no, Rodis isn't a godlike creature at all. He's all normal and average: not too handsome, not too tall either. He lives in an ordinary house and works hard as a pomegranate and pitahaya grower (that pitahaya part is so random, I know, but I just love the fruit!). And yet, he still managed to capture Aphrodite's heart, but it's a subject for another story.

Greeky Tale (C) my love.
Persephone in the Gardens
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+GT - Persephone and Rodis+
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