Demeter Picture

"The Greeks and Romans felt an extremely strong connection with Demeter (Δήμητρα). The goddess was responsible for providing them with their sustenance and livelihood. In addition to this, Demeter was one of the few gods who did not reside on Olympus. She lived on earth, where she could be close to those who needed her most. Also unlike the other gods, Demeter's existence was bittersweet. In the fall and winter, she mourned her daughter, Persephone. Only during the spring and summer was she truly happy. All of these qualities endeared her to her worshipers. Her sacred cult at Eleusis was one of the most popular, and the secrets kept so well that to this day researchers have no clue what their rites consisted of. From Ceres comes our word for grain-based food, cereal."
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Demeter and Persephone
OC sketch: Persephone
demeter goddess of harvest