Sailor(?) Persephone Short Story Picture

So, here's the short story I have for my Sailor Moon OC. Now, Persephone isn't the first person or leader of this little Greek 'arch' of mine. She's just the only character I have properly planned out.

Sorry if the format is impossible to read, and if anything seems too weird/cliche, I'm not used to posting literature on here, even though I do write a lot. Also, the story is in first person because I initially had no idea what to name her. She doeshave a civilian name now, though, for now, depending on if I decide to change it. (It's Thalia Floros [may be changed to Phloros or left the same depending on which I think looks better], which is essentially Blooming Green/Green Blooming idk. and I didn't entirely name her after Thalia from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Thalia just happened to sound nice with Floros) So maybe I'll make a proper profile for her later. Until then, here's the short story about how she learned about her ability. However, I did have other name options, so her name could be temporary for now. My other name options that I liked were Diantha (which means 'divine flower' in Greek), Chloe/Cloe (which means 'little green sprout'), Chrysanthe ('flower of gold'), Daphne ('laurel tree'), Azalea ('withered flower'), or Anthea ('blooming flower').

On another note, I still don't think it's proper to call her a 'Sailor Senshi' since she's not really dressed in any form of sailor fuku. She's just an OC with a similar idea and story as Sailor Moon with transformations and enemies and everything. (but thats really just all magical girl animes) So if anyone can think of a better word to put in front of Persephone in replacement of 'Sailor', that would be lovely. Preferably something that relates to Greek mythology, but doesn't directly relate to what the goddess is called (i.e. Queen Persephone, etc.)

Anyways, this is going to end up longer than my story if I don't stop now. Enjoy, and feel free to help me with anything mentioned in here. (Also, I purposely left it at her running to action because I'm not very creative at attack names and such without making them sound cheesy)
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Sailor(?) Persephone Short Story
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