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I took the class Advanced Composition my Junior year for an english credit. I'm at school right now and bored; so I figured I'd upload my essays and see what people think. I don't really care if you give me constructive criticism or just say "hey cool whatever" because I don't plan on redoing most of these...

This assignment was to do a freewrite.
So I did one on what I know best; Roman mythology. I loooove mythology. :Lkda;lkfja;lksdfj *dies*

Fabula Aborum Nympha Daphne Deus Apolloque is the full title of this essay. It's my favorite out of all of them; I used it for my final grade paper as well to present to the class. ^^ It went in our book thing. <3

I hope you like it as much as I do and have as much fun learning from it as I did when I learned about it. The title, Fabula Aborum Nympha Daphne Deus Apolloque, is of course latin; I'm afraid the meaning now escapes me. You see, it's been a while since I last had a latin class. I do know that it says something along the lines of The Story of the Tree Nymph Daphne and the God Apollo. Actually that is what it says. XP I just realized, haha. The aborum is what threw me off; I was like "now wait..why did I put that there?!" cause I looked over the nympha, and then I remembered.

Daphne the tree nymph.

Ok, so it's with Greek names but they are essentially the same thing. We learned both Greek and Roman myths in Latin class.

In case you want to see more latin (and it's fun to say)

Magistra: Salvete discipuli discipulaeque
Discipuli: Salve magistra
Magistra: Quid agitus hodie?
Discipuli: Valeo gratias, et tu?
Magistra: Valeo gratias, bene factum!

Greeting we had to do every day at the beginning of class. I still remember a fair bit of Latin. I loved that class......

Oh and if you are wondering how to pronounce it I'll help with that too. XD V sounds like w, c like k, ae like i, g is always hard (guh sound and NOT like in /G/ermany) hodie=ho dee ay, the t is pronounced unlike in French.

Hope that helps salve is hello singular, salvete is plural. <3
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