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If you guys didn't know about Apollo, Here's the explanation.

One of the Twelve Olympians in the Greek mythology and also worshipped in the ancient Rome, Apollo was originally associated with arts, such as music and poetry, but was later transfigured into the god of the Sun, overshadowing Helios. He is the son of Zeus, the king of gods, and Leto, a mortal woman. He is also the twin brother of Artemis. After his birth, the jealous Hera sent the deadly serpent, Python, to assassinate his mother, but the infant Apollo, equipped with a bow and arrows lent by Hephaetsus, successfully killed the creature before it could cause any harm. While reaching his adulthood, Hermes gave him the first lyre (which he later gave to his son, Orpheus, who "mastered" the lyre) and Apollo became the master of musical instruments. Many mortals and even gods challenged him in a musical contest, but their skills were no match for his. While appearing in many tales, he had numerous lovers, females and males, many who often met tragic fates or had terrible lives. Among others are Daphne, Cassandra and Hyacinthus. Aside from arts, Apollo is also considered as the god of archery, prophecy and medicine, while at the same time, serves as the leader of the Muses. (From Megami Tensei Wikia)
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Apollo from SMT Persona 2 Innocent Sin
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