Spiral Redesign Picture

Spiral uses her modified bionic arms to cast elaborate magic rituals that allow her to dance through dimensions and generally act as a twisted agent of chaos. A great, but sadly under-utilised, villain until her recent stint in Uncanny X-force (With a great costume design by Kris Anka).

For the redesign I've given her hints of different mythologies which symbolise magic and transformation (Mainly from Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist and even Celtic culture). I liked the idea that on her travels she's picked up (or maybe provided) the odd bit of inspiration (Previously she was working a military/ samurai look).

It's not a particularly practical design but I liked the characters 'body modification' background and theatricality and wanted to play around with it a little. Maybe the horns and shoes aren't just a fashion statement...?

Spiral is wearing a variety of pieces including a Gareth Pugh body suit, Alexander McQueen inspired heels and couture armour as worn by the likes of Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga and every other 'Top 40' female singer since 2010.

- dryad -
Spiral Redesign
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