:The Nymph Became The Monster: Picture

If someone's offended with boobs, do tell before reporting this as inapproriate. -u-

So: the idea behind Nessa and her Innocence comes from the Greek story of a nymph called Scylla. A sea god fell in love with her, but she ran to the land where the merman couldn't follow.
He requested help from the witch/goddess Circe, who, after falling in love with the sea god herself, turned Scylla into a horrible monster in her jealousy.

I revamped the form of monster Scylla, but that's pretty much the story behind Nessa's Innocence and her: Nessa's the beautiful nymph who became a monster. |3

... and of course SOME people have made a connection between Nessa and Loch Ness monster. -u-

Nessa (c)