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Finished up that scene from a dream I had not too long ago. This particular portion of the dream had me in a dark... cave-type-thing... where I could barely see. I found a weird stone surface that had a black substance inside a bowl-shaped area. Being a genius, I reached inside; it was cold, I remember that, but I found nothing. I tied this dream into my spirituality (pagan) and interpreted it somewhat. I think I'm searching for something in the darkest corners of my body/soul, but I'm not sure what it is or how to find it. Imagery of Set was prevalent later in the dream, which (to me) implies darkness/chaos. I don't think Set is the equivalent of Christianity's "Satan"; he seems to represent more of an uncontrollable chaos. In mythology he was a very powerful figure, but also very hypocritical and willing to rule through force if necessary. I could keep babbling, but I'm sure I'd end up confusing a lot of people. Maybe someday I'll talk more about my spirituality, which is centered on me being a good man, making a difference in the world, etc. I have a moral/ethical code that I adhere to. Really, I think all spirituality should focus on bettering the self (which will later benefit society, as a "good" self will create "positive" waves), but that's just me. And no, I'm not a "Christian-basher." I think all religions (including my own) have their "bad apples" and "flaws." I just live my own life and go with the flow. I didn't mean to turn this into some rambling spree. Er. I belong to... myself. Not that anyone would steal me, I imagine...
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