Rebecca the Dragon: Ref June 2012 Picture

RtD Reference (June 2012)

An updated reference for my character Rebecca

I thought I'd better do a new one seen as though I did my last one so long ago and I've tweaked some apsects fo her colour and design a little XD
For example, her wing colour is much darker which is what I'd intended in her original design yet was unable to create the right colour. Its supposed to be a sort of maroon X3

I reall messed up the side on view of her face -___-"

Will add some updated bio and info at a later point XD

done with Copic ciao markers and copic liners

EDIT: 25th October 2012
Lol, I've actually finally gotten round to writing up some information on her =3

Name: Rebecca Sveren (Rebecca the Dragon)

Called: Rebecca, she REALLY hates being called Becky....

Age: 187 (looks 29), dragons age in a very different way to humans and even ordinary mobians.

Species: Dragon (unspecified dragon species, largely a western styled species with a mix of others )

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status: single, doesn't really know whether she ever wants to be with anyone after what shes done.....and what she could do again.

Birthplace: The Valley of Ancients. A place of myth, where Deities and mythological creatures made their home. Under the protectorship and guidance of various deities. All now dead.....supposedly.
Now destroyed and left in ashes in the apocalyptic chaos that the insane and demonic Plague (Plague the Panther), and herself caused when she was still young and arrogant.

Occupation: was once a renowned warrior in The Valley of Ancients for her clan, then when she committed genocide on the valley and defeated by Thezor she was stripped of her position and sealed away forever....supposedly. Even she doesn't know how she escaped her punishment.


Relations: no known living relations. Everyone was killed in her madness last time.

Friends: Glacie the Wolf (her closest of friend of all throughout her life), Kori the Dragon, Jewel the Fox, Dane the Hedge-bat, Dawn the Wolf, Hyperbolt the Hedgehog, Arrena the Lynx, (has a form of team partnership with Valkyrie the Gryphon, but shes a bitch and really despises her; same sort of thing with Arc the Bat, as he was once a villainous and cruel rogue working with lance the Shark and is only part of the 'Archangels' because he has bizarrely fallen or has a childish curiosity/infatuation with Arrena and Rebecca REALLY doesn't trust him)
(finds it difficult to make friends, as she isn't particularly friendly herself )

(finds it difficult to make friends, as she isn't particularly friendly herself )

Fears: herself and what she might do, Kori, Thezor, Plague.

-Rebecca is a fire dragon and hence can manipulate flames, conjuring them, blasting them at opponents, and breathing them.
-Also as a dragon, she can fly with her wings and send gusts of cutting wind.
-extremely sharp claws, spikes and horns.
-her tail is powerful and the pike at the end is also extremely sharp, often used like a blade.

-Strength- is very strong, possibly her best stat. 9/10
-durability/defence- her tough scales help her be quite durable. 7/10
-speed- is really very slow in comparison to almost everyone. Is much quicker when she flies but still only average speed at best. Normal: 3/10. In Flight: 5/10
-stamina- also has very bad stamina and is drained of energy quickly when using her flame attacks or running/fighting in general. Certainly can't stay in a fight for a long time. 6/10

Past and character traits:

Rebecca lived with her Clan in the Valley of Ancients, and excelled in fighting and became a Warrior for the valley and her Clan. She excelled in this as well, but she was arrogant and crazed more power, to be the best warrior...better than everyone. She became arrogant and egotistical, and her ruthless nature earnt her an infamous reputation, although no one could deny she was good at what she did, and she enjoyed it.
Her personality became more and more warped and people steered well clear of her, she didn't have many, if any friends to say the least. The equally ruthless, bordering on vigilante Deity Thezor the Wolf, kept a close eye on her and was the only one willing to speak and spar with her.
After a while, Rebecca wanted to prove herself and powers being better than everyone further and demonstrate this. The villainous, insane and psychotic Plague the Panther tipped Rebecca over the edge, she loved manipulating her and soon had her attacking the valley with her. Plague delighted in murdering and torturing the inhabitants....but she never expected Rebecca to go further. Rebecca seemed to completely lose her mind, murdering everyone and seeming to delight just as much in it, believing to be proving herself and putting everyone else in their place, below her.
The murderous rampage devastated the valley, leaving it in nothing but ashes and bones. Even Plague could not control or defeat Rebecca and was herself defeated, but somehow managed to avoid being slain. Thezor finally intervened after attempting to save other deities, other inhabitants and the valley itself. He finally put an end to her chaos. He defeated her in an intense battle, Rebecca seemingly came back to her senses as he tortured her by showing her everything she had fought for laying in blood and ashes. Her victory was worthless, her power was worthless, she had become hollow, mad and worthless. The gravity of what she had done, and what she had become ate away at her, and she almost committed suicide, but was too cowardly to do so. Therefore, as further punishment sealed her away for eternity parallel to Plague.

100 years later....

Rebecca has somehow escaped her eternal trap, and she can't remember how, or she refuses to remember how. Highly strung and still slightly unhinged, she is lost in a world she feels she doesn't belong in. Surely she should be dead... tortured for what she has done...the visions of screaming and blood and death haunt her constantly. Maybe that is punishment enough...
She wants so desperately to be forgiven, but can't forgive herself.
This makes her a hard and angry character. She pushes people away, largely because she knows she still has the possibility of hurting people so badly again.
So she hides been a hard edged demeanour, arrogance still there but not as prominent. She's quite stubborn and quick to anger.
She can take care of her self, easily. She won't take any crap.
However, her catharsis at the hands of Thezor have allowed her softer nature to re-emerge, being quite protective and kind natured, but she doesn't like to show it at all. She feels it makes her weaker and will ultimately damage the people she gets close to.
Although in some cases, she wants to be accepted.

EDIT: (forgot this part XD )
she is currently forming 'The Archangels'......

(If anyone has any thoughts or critiques of this bio I'd be interested to hear
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Rebecca the Dragon: Ref June 2012
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