Beautiful Chaos Picture

Loki... again... Seriously, dude, I love you and everything but you've got to spend less time in my subconscious, people will talk. You could at least get out of the electrics...

Annnyway... so... possible tattoo design... maybe... I dunno. It occurred to me that I'd not yet drawn him pre-scary-snake-venom-punishment in a non-scruffy state so here we are, all long hair and mistletoe and embroidery. The symbols in the boarder are bindrunes for cunning, eloquence, arcane knowledge and creativity. Making bindrunes is fun. Also I suck at knotwork. I ended up tracing most of the knotwork. Also I really need to buy a new compass. Drawing circles is hard.

I really have nothing more worthwhile to say. MMmyep.
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Beautiful Chaos
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