Six Elements WP v.2 Picture

Uh-oh... I must've submitted the same deviation twice in a row! oh, wait a minute! This one's a tad different!

Yes, indeed. This is Version Two of my wallpaper, Six Elements WP. Some things have changed this time around, those being listed below.

I'm sorry for doing two orb deviations in a row, and I promise that my next deviation will have nothing to do with pretty-looking orbs. Trust me!


Instead of Japanese kanji, I went with more original symbols, merely because I wanted to do something more universal and interesting. Plus, I don't have to worry about inaccuracies with the kanji symbols!

• The Earth kanji has been replaced with a cracked planet.
• The Fire kanji has been replaced with a plume of fire.
• The Wind kanji has been replaced by four air currents (representing the four winds of mythology).
• The Void kanji has been replaced with a interdimensional warp.
• The Water kanji has been replaced with a series of tidal waves.
• The Chaos kanji has been replaced with some sort of weird Alpha/Omega symbol. This thing confuses even be, and I created the damn thing!


• The green color of the Earth orb has been lightened up a bit.
• The color of the Wind orb has been changed completely; now it's completely grey instead of being that weird grey-lavender hue.
• The violet color of the Void orb has been lightened up a bit.
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Six Elements WP v.2
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