Rise of Chaos Picture

At the start this was going have absolutely nothing to do with Egyptian mythology. I blame my mom.

Anubis as a Riolu, or perhaps it's the god of death, wandering around as a Riol cuz he can. Then there's that Feraligatr...First time ever drawing one, and I likes him. -u- It's Ammit the Devourer. He eats the hearts of the wicked.~ In this he's a lot more simplified then what he should be...Cuz there's not lion's mane and body, or hippo behind...Whatever. ;D Then poor little Arenshi, trapped by Anubis. I don't think they plan on weighing her heart.

Stupid title is stupid.
Spellcasters Sketch Card - Soni Alcorn-Hender 6
Spellcasters Base Card - Veronica O'Connell
Rise of Chaos
The Myth of Midigan Page 60
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