Warrior Succubus Lilith Picture

Part of a project I was developing before I started Takers!, "Warrior Succubus Lilith', featuring the title character. Still in fairly early stages of developing character and background story, but the story so far is as follows;

Lilith is a succubus hailing from a parallel dimension known as Tarsis, one of the 8 'Terran Realms' (coinciding with the 8 Spheres of Hell from Dante's Inferno), of which our Earth is among them. Tarsis is considered one of the four Chaos Realms (along with Hel, Anaon and Narakis, all variations of the 'Hell' theme in classic mythology). Earth or 'Terra' is among the four 'Order Realms' along with Gaia, Nirvan and Vaal. The terms Chaos and Order do not necessarily equate good and evil, rather they merely define the kinds of world it is. Chaos realms are generally very hostile places where the world may be covered in wastelands, mutated jungles, or urban sprawl. Typically in Chaos realms, more than one species has evolved into sapience as a result of the inhospitable environments. In Order realms, the environments are much more hospitable and only a single sapient species dominates (in our case, it'd be humanity).

Lilith, as a succubus, is one of three primary species in her native realm and the least prolific of the three. As a youth, she was chosen by the powers that be to become a 'Guardian', a member of an elite warrior order tasked with helping to maintain the balance in the realms. She was chosen to go to 'Terra' due to a surge of chaotic activity affecting us during the time of the Dark Ages. After spending several centuries, she determined that humanity's progress was being undermined by outside influence, specifically someone from one of the other realms. When she attempted to confront this individual, she was sealed within an artifact known as the 'Mark of Sin', and hidden away by the Church who'd long been under the influence of this dark force.

After centuries of captivity within the artifact, she would be released only twice- once at the tail end of the Crusades, and then again in the 21st century. Since she no longer has a corporeal form, she has to use the body of whoever activates the Mark, transforming them into her. This creates a fusion of personalities, creating a unique individual that is both her and the host individual.

Her most recent host is Noriko Ryan- a twenty-something Japanese/Irish-American who came to possess the Mark of Sin after her boyfriend purchased it for her from an antique dealer in Europe. The Mark was activated after she was attacked by assassins from the Crux Corporation, who had been seeking the mark ever since it was recovered following the second World War.

I may work on this project intermittently, although I'm still sort of focused on Takers! for the mo'. Unless demand says otherwise.

(edit - Improved the background a bit)
(edit - altered the write up to coincide with currently planned storyline)
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