I AM CHAOS Picture

side view of TRIPP...

no one knows anything about him, except for the fact that he almost caused the end of the world at one point by bringing a mythological creature back to life using the Necronomicon and releasing the undead, also he 'accidently' destroyed Tokyo Tower and the Statue of Liberty with no bombs or anything, almost blew up the Pentagon in Washington D.C., completely annihilated a KKK rally in Mississippi, and tried to kill himself by throwing himself of the Chrysler Building in New York and instead of dying, he bounced of a Secret Service car and killed the agents of whom wanted him for governmental military reasons...

he was born in a test tube... he was made into a mutant, the X-MEN type, TRIPP has mind powers, some he dont know of yet, but he can talk to his dog, Oreo, like he was talking to a human, telepathy and some telekinesis... and he likes music... heavy metal...

now, banished to an island, he spends all of his time playing video games, playing with his dog, and figuring out a way to escape. he is the world's most wanted man.
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