Axis power Hetalia oc : Croatia -tan or Mira Horva Picture

Huh i am glad that i have finaly able to draw a proper drawing of her so . now as whell i have a propriate and loooong info about her.(plus i am happy with coloring.
Croatia info

State: Republic of Croatia
Human name and surname: Mira Horvat
Age: 21
Birthday: 8 october
National flower: Iris croatica
National animal: Dalmatian
Pet: Dalmatian dog(who is in fact mix breed ) named Čili
Weight : Never tells anyone
Height: 168
Personality: Croatia is proud country that often bothers others with her competitive nature , and stubbornness. However she shows great dedication and courage to face even the scariest countries such as Russia or Sweden. Unfortunately she is one of does types who act first rather then think which had lead her to trouble many time.
But with guidance of other countries she became more calmer and level headed when it comes to war tactics and leading her country. Being a perv she usualy likes to tease her other allies or friend countries with her antics but actualy expresing of her feelings is hard for her.
Being actualy among pudgier countries Croatia exersise alot to ceep her chub as muscle but unfortunatly her love for food will supress her will to stay fit.
Because of many wars and captures she has experienced Croatia developed two other personalities besides her own.
Mountin Croatia(Vlasta Horvat): Usual Croatia tends to act aggressive but this one is wont chase you until she knock some sense in you. She usually grunts instead talking and becomes angry in a second. However she is as whell the most emotional one as she can become teary as soon as she seems something heart braking If Croatia(Mira ) stays as this personality for longer time her hair will flatten and get dirty while her cloths will be ragged as well
Adriatic Croatia(Adriana Horvat). She is more social then usual Croatia and influence of Italy and France is obviously seen. She is charming and always tries to be more pleasant to others and thinks about others before herself. However she is extremely greedy and she will try anything in order to get money . She is as whell rather vain calming she is the prettiest country among European one.
Despite being the most serene one among two Croatia’s she will snap and become violent as well if she is provoked.

Likes: Art, Sport (football and heand ball especially) folk tales(she can see magic cratures of slavic mythology but she belives that the reason for seeing them is drinking(and she hates talking about that)
Sunny weather, holydays her birthday, animals, secretly cute stuff, theatar
Erotic books and comics ,nature
(((Bondage as whell, why do you think she has that tie)))

Republic of Ragusa /Dubrovnik[link]: her older sister who was for long time
culturaly , economicly and military stronger then she was. Ragusa is considerd wunderkid and regardless of not being a country anymore she still deals with Croatias economy and leads Croatian Navy. Croatia is anoyed byher especialy sinse she starts to rant about how come Ragusa isnt and Croatia is still country and Croatia usualy responds that if she wasnt so frisky with Francy-Pants she would still be sole Republic
Ex-Yugoslavian countries(She considerd the simblings regardless of only being blood related to some od them :
Slovenia(profile in making): Slovenia is her younger brother whom she teases a lot. However she cares lot about him and she protected him from Serbia while he was little) Due to the fact she is slightly poorer then him she tends to ask him for money witch she has tendecy to spend on anything but the thing she needed. Like her her brother can see slavic mythical creatures but he isnt ashamed of it as her.

Bosnia(profile in making)(Full name Bosnia and Herzegovina): her younger but much larger brother whom she adores the most-. He usually cooks for her or he teaches her how to do certain dish.
Both of them share love for theater as whell
AlbaniaProfile in making: Her bit older happy trigger sister tends to serve as another one of her laughing stock. She usually teases her sister about her bad economy or she calls her gypsy(because of her features) While Albania uses Croatia as a punching bag anythime she has chance to or insult her intelligence looks or behavior. However she cares deeply for Croatia but wont admit even if her life is at stake
Montenegro(profile in making): She tries to inspire her brother to work more but then she easly gives up sinse he is sleeping most of his time
Macedonia(profile in making): She likes spending time with her sister because she thoughts that Macedonia is among sweeter countries . And she always tryes to hook her sister up with someone
Serbia(profile in making): Her Older sister with whom she had fights in past and usually she tryes to stay away from her. Both of them are constatily fighting with each other and throving tantrums and profany is usual for them. But her sister is actually sad because other Balkan countries ambandoned her and she creeps around everyone trying to get them back. However Serbia creeps around her sister mostly with the mixture of hate and obsessive devotion

North Italy: As kid North Italy annoyed hell out of her and she tried anything to get him away from her but with time as both of them grew up she started to like him more and as she joined axis she became his “guard” and acts even more protective over him and to time to time she tends to blush or acts bubly when he shows some sort affection to her
South Italy: She has confused felings but she respects him and usually tryes to help him because he did a favor for her long time ago.
Germany: She considers him boring and uptight but as whell respects him for his bravery and thinks of her as a teacher., and tryes to inpress him with her dedication to work or to training witch makes Germany proud
Japan: She is fascinated by his culture and usually learns from Japan when it comes to life style or about fighting tactics. She usually gets fish or some other sea food as gift.
Prussia: She is in between hating his guts and respecting him and even enjoying his company. She usaly acts as Hungary thaught her . If he gets to close to her vital regions she sends a strike into his vital regions
America: She cant belive he is the most powerful country on the world and usually throws tantrums at him(Special when he forgots who Croatia is) but she can be nice to him and even able to enjoy same thing as he
England: She admires him the most and enjoys listening his stories . However when she tryes to learn him how to cook England usually gets cursed with something. He as whell supports her anger against france
France: if you mention France to her , Croatia will be surrounded by her evil aura , throwing tantrums and trying to bond(choke him with her tie) . She needed lot of time to start being aggressive towards him
Russia: Him and her have quite nice friendly relationship aldo she tends to be oblivious when when he asks someone to become one with him. However she dosent understand why is her sister Serbia so obsest over him. During the time of the cold war relationship with Russia and Croatia cooled of
China: She isn’t shure what to thing about him , but she knows his cookin is among her favorite things. And she will always try to find way to attract Chinese tourist and immigrants to her
Canada: Despite she can see him she only mentions him as a guy who has fantastic apples or the hockey dude.
Poland: She adores his aditude and drinks with him whenever she can . aldo she usually drinks more then him
Hungary: She condisers her as an sister and does to had both ups and downs in their friendship. Hungary mentored her during her youngest days so most of her knowladge in war , fighting and similar activities are similar to hungary.

Austria: Her tutor whom she both hated and loved at the same time. If there wasn’t for Austria Croatia might not have the same cultural taste as today. Austra especaly loved her desire to play instruments (he learnd her how to play piano) but he was displeased about her overly hyper and rebelius aditude
Turkey: She still complains him because he tried to win her countr y but as whell she is starting to act more friendlier to him. And she is hooked to all of his soap operas
Her : Anscestor: Grandma Illyria
: Illiyria is only country thath Croatia was scared of because of her harsh training and “not so gentle way of showing affection” but she still admired her
"White Croatia" Her mysterious father who married one of Illirias daugther and spoiled Croatia while she was litlle
theme song:Lollobrigida
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