Kabuki Legends - Ethereal Wolf Picture

This was my makeup in our Kabuki/mythology themed shoot. As with my boyfriend's design, my makeup was also themed around two kinds of otherkin, the first being wolf/lycan-kin, as is represented with the forehead marking reminiscent of Amaterasu (Okami). The fading rainbow represents a type of otherkin called a Phoenix. Unlike the fiery birds of traditional legend, this type of Phoenix-kin are ethereal and almost shapeless. They're made of pure energy and are only visible by their auras, which glow in a faint rainbow. Although the shape of their boundless auras does often take a birdlike shape, they commonly become a part of nature itself by embodying parts of the environment or the elements themselves, and are rumored to incarnate and be born as people as well.
Jo Durand
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Kabuki Legends - Ethereal Wolf
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