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The inspiration for this series came from the book "Insomnia" by Stephen King... The attraction for the 3 misterious beings that in the book represents the Parcae was instantaneous. Expecially Atropo had my attention. In the greek mythology, otherwise from the book, Atropo is a woman and it's the last one of the 3 goddess. Atropo represent the death in a absolutely unconventional way. Someone can imagine her more darker, or more divine.. but what I want to represent with my character, behind the goddess, is her insane madness and obsession for scissors that make her want to cut everything, even herself. For Atropo, cutting things (like threads of life) it's a "forced habit" as well as a dangerous ritual.

  • Model, Concept, Characters, Editing, MakeUp, wig & Dreadfall, Dresses: *PureBlackLove

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The Moirae: Atropos
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