Solomonarul Picture

This is a solomonar, a wizard that can control the clouds, rain and the spirits of the wind, called "Vantoasele". It is one of the most mystical character in romanian mythology! It is said that only a child that was born with his skin(meaning placenta) could become a solomonar. And they ride a dragon, we call them balaur and they ride in the sky bringing rain and storm to the villages where bad people live. They are described as big men with red beards and hair, wearing a white cloak and all kinds of magical tools, like a small ax, a wand that killed a snake, the great book of "solomonary"...
The name solomonar is said to come from king Solomon's name, but honestly I think it's not it. I found a source that says that in thracian language the word "zalmos" means skin aka placenta. So it's easy to asociate this with the fact that only children born with skin could become solomonar. And besides, the solomonari are from ancient times, before christians. They were priests, if you wanna call them this way, that knew all kinds of secrets and lived high up in the mountains. They followed Zamolxis, dacians greatest God, who is said to have actually lived and knew the secret of imortality! The solomonari are called even nowadays "cloud walkers " or "smoke walkers". They respected nature and life and were very wise. For them, the material things didn't matter. There is said that they were often seen beging for food in villages to test the human heart, but every man that meat a solomonar felt a certain respect towards them. They never ate or used what they were given, they just wanted to see how good humans are.
After 7 years they had the possibility to return among humans and sometimes they helped their fellow villagers from the wrath of the other solomonari.

Made with watercolors...I'm still experimenting....
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