Primordial Gods Picture

Finally, I can post up something!!! >w<

Sorry for the long hiatus. I was busy with work and school and internship for nursing. T^T Gomen!!!

Anywas, lately I was reading about Mythology, especially Greek and Roman mythology. Plus, I was reading Zelda's manga: MYth.

I love it! So I got inspired to draw the Primordial Gods: Erebus, Aether, Eros, and Tartarus. Smexy, no?


Anyways, enjoy!!!

The gods themselves are their own.
Designs belongs to *Pharaonic-Angel
The Air of the Day - Aether and Hemera
: : A e r g i a : :
Primordial Gods
Petrone Slabeing -fakemon
Aether Academy Crest