Aeolus Advert: Notus and Moran Picture

The First of my adverts for the brooms I'm designing. I'll put a few different Quidditch Players with different brooms.

Here is the lovable chaser for the Ireland International Side, Kylie Moran (Rowling didn't give her a first name so I came up with this one) riding the Notus N-9 Chaser Special. The Notus is named for the South Wind in Greek Mythology.

Sadly, the color version of this got accidently saved over. Try to picture Moran with crimson hair, light blue eyes, and freckles. Luckily, the character itself is saved and can be re-rendered at anytime.
Old and new: Sailor Aeolus
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Aeolus Advert: Notus and Moran
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