Echidna VS Zeus for Olympus Picture

As wikipedia tells it according to greek poets the echidna was a creature who mothered all the terrible creatures in greek mythology. She was said to be half woman and half dragon with two tails. She, along with the father of most of her children Typhon, set out to oppose Zeus in order to exact revenge for imprisoning the Titans and conquer Olmpus. They failed. Typhon was killed, while Echidna was left alive, along with her children, to serve as challenges for up coming heros.

I gave her the body of a dragon with an indication of a pouch so that many creatures could gestate at one time. I also gave her breasts to indicate her fertility and, along with her face, her sensuality. The symbol on her shield is the skull an Echidna the animal.

This took like almost a full week

Pen and ink w/ CS4
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Echidna VS Zeus for Olympus
Myth in Mythology 03
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